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cant wait for full game


Me too haha

Love it, Love it, Love it. I think everyone can agree this game looks fantastic. Combining Comic Book styles with the puzzle game play is a fantastic and unique experience. To show you what I mean I have made a short game preview I call a game glance. At a glance you can get a feel for the game, without spoiling the experience of game play for yourself.  Keep on gaming friends.


Very well done, I've enjoyed a lot playing this!


This was so amazing! Loved the idea, loved the art style, loved everything about it. Short but sweet and really hoping you're going to push on and make more of this =)

Keep up the awesome work!


Really Cool . Love the idea of comic strip games .


Amazing title man! Loved the gameplay mechanic and the art style, it's a fresh take on the puzzle genera blended with comic books structure, a very original touch :D It's challenging but not too hard, I believe 'twas a mess to program...

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, buona fortuna per la versione completa, mi piacerebbe continuare l'avventura, cheers!

Thanks for playing! And yeah it was! I'm not a programmer by heart so I'll probably need to have this mess sorted out with someone a little more skilled than me :D

I meant that it must have been hard, considering all the time lines, to program it, still you did a great job!

It definately took a lot of testing and fixing and adding fine details

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This is one of the best and innovative games I've played in a while, honestly, just so cool! I loved everything about this and cannot wait to see more!

For anyone wanting to see gameplay of this incredible game >


just tried this gem out! such an unique experience! i loved it!

just tried this gem out! such an unique experience! i loved it!

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I want your game to be featured in our website.


Just a quick first look at this game. Check it out for yourself and give the Dev a shoutout.